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Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Iron Horse Pools Service offer a variety of pool cleaning and maintenance plans to fit your budget and needs.

  • Weekly maintenance

  • Water testing and balance

  • Pool Shocking

  • Empty Baskets

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Brush Pool

  • Skim Pool Surface

  • Vacuum Pool

  • Salt system repair

Automation Upgrades

​Swimming pool automation uses technology to control your swimming pool’s equipment and accessories from a single control panel or even from your smartphone or tablets. Many pool automation systems on the market are designed to integrate with smartphones and even virtual assistants (think Siri, Google, Alexa, and the like).

Leak Detection Test

Leak detection is a process of testing all underground pipes to determine whether a leak exists.  The test consists of pressure testing pipes, dye testing all skimmers and pool structure and finally using a hydrophone that allows us to listen to water escaping from the pipes. A leaky pool will make chemicals harder to balance and cost you money in water lost. Constantly adding water to your pool raises the ph and alkalinity which will develop a scale on your tile and pool equipment.

Pump Repairs and Installation

According to your necessities and budget we can repair your existing pool pump or install a new energy efficient pump that will allow your pool water to have better circulation. We use the best pumps in the market.

FILTER 1.jpg
Filter Repair

In Iron Horse Pool Service, we install and repair DE, sand and cartridge filters. The annual maintenance of your filter system keeps your pool water clean and balance with a nice view.

Heater Diagnostic and Repairs

Iron Horse Pool Service has been replacing heating systems when old ones are no longer functional. In case you are dealing with a broken heater,  our highly-trained technicians can help you select the right replacement system for your home and your budget.

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